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It's Holiday Time...

...But What About The Cat?

Enjoy your holiday with peace of mind that your feline family members are receiving the same love, care and attention they do at home. Whether playing games, relaxing in a warm bed or sampling the days treats, we will ensure their holiday is as enjoyable as yours!

Welcome to High Point Cattery

With a passion for cats stretching back to my childhood, I understand that your cats are not just pets and that a holiday cannot be enjoyed if you’re not 100% sure that they are safe and happy.

After many years of struggling to find somewhere that met my standards, I have decided to give up my day job and pursue my passion to do what I enjoy.

If you have any questions or would like to come and visit, please just let us know and I look forward to meeting you soon.


Spacious, Comfortable Accommodation

Built to the latest requirements, each run has 40 sq ft of space made up of a heated indoor area and open run to play in. The outdoor areas have optional weather barriers for the colder months.

Every run has scratch posts, toys, shelves to jump on and a hand made fleece bed!

Varied Menu and Treat of The Day

We keep a choice of quality dry cat food in stock and providing you are happy for your cats to have them, we also have “treat of the day” . Whether it’s prawns, chicken or fresh cream, we’re sure to have something they will love!

Competitive Prices & Multi-Cat Discount

No expense has been spared on ensuring High Point Cattery is built to the highest standards and the care and attention your cats will receive is second to none however, our prices are very competitive with discounts available if you have more than one cat staying with us.

Spacious and Comfortable Accommodation Built to the Latest Standards...

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16 sq ft heated indoor area

24 sq ft exercise area

Accommodate up to 4 cats using linked runs

Ceramic heaters and fleece beds in every run

All runs built using the latest hygiene materials and coatings

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